How to Get 4x Traffic From Pinterest

Here is how to get 4x traffic from Pinterest- All Free


For those who love videos, Here is a 1 minute + quick video on how to get 4x traffic from Pinterest from Neil Patel

“How to get 4x traffic from pinterest” revolves round knowing how the Pinterest engine works, getting familiar with the group board system and creating pins that converts on the front end.

All these are what we are going to be looking at in this post,  kindly grab your pop-corn and relax as we ride on.

While trying to understand how the Pinterest system works, I hopped onto google search to see the massive inventory of Pinterest traffic related posts and to my amazement, i got 711,000,000 results, then i begin to wonder how important Pinterest has been to my traffic generation plan.

Pinterest could look like a scrapbook of food recipes paradise for women, I know most of you will have that thought when your box is inundated with pictures of various yummy yummies, but you will be mistaken to think this is not for you, though truth be told, pinterest may not be ideal place for certain niches but it expands on a daily basis and we are looking at it from that angle. Some of the biggest brands – walmart, ebay, apple are staking their tents on pinterest so why wouldn’t you.

Here are basic facts you need to know so you can understand the good things that await you when you finally pitch your tent on pinterest:

  • Each one pin you post is 100 times more spreadable than your average tweet
  • Each of your pins could drive up to 2 page visits and 6 page views
  • Even large e-Commerce sites such as Ebay, Walmart and new eCommerce starts are benefiting from pinning as each one ’em pins could generate as much as 78 cents
  • The life span of a pin is one week! Would you compare that to 24 minutes for Twitter and 90 minutes for Facebook? I bet it, you wouldn’t
  • It can be automated 100% with a scheduler.
  • The most profitable target markets you might be looking for are on Pinterest
  • Your Pinterest pins are searchable online and your pins could be searched for the life-time of your pins.

The truth is you can get this massive traffic to your website as much as 100,000 views on a monthly basis if you would take your time to study what works on Pinterest.

Start by watching the video above to get a perfect understanding of how the Pinterest group board system works, and secondly, consider this as a brief summary and action points in an expanded format (transcription) of the video and thirdly, and spring to action; There is no point in reading without taking action.

Here is a guide on how to start:

Decide where your target market is exactly, because this will determine the overall success you will get with your pinning strategies. Some of the few markets that do well on Pinterest are the following:

  • Recipes
  • Health and Fitness
  • Survival (it’s mainly for guys, but we know of a blog generating over USD$5M dollars per month from Pinterest – Yes just Pinterest
  • Blogging
  • Making Money from Home
  • DIY
  • Fashion
  • Arts
  • Parenting
  • Cars and Motorcycles
  • Hair and Beauty
  • And many others!
  1. Open a business Pinterest account


Business accounts on Pinterest have so many benefits personal accounts don’t have such as access to analytics and capacity to add your website to your account for close monitoring of which pins are working effectively.

If you had a personal account previously on Pinterest, you could convert it to a business account to take advantage of the business account, either you apply for a new account or you convert existing, it is totally free.

2. Setup your group boards and fill them with relevant images also known as pins

Your personal boards on your Pinterest account is your launchpad to the world of traffic on Pinterest, that is where those who may want to see your pins go to as it gets quality amount of traffic based on how trending your board and the niche you are in is. Smoothly increasing trends always work better as they experience of surge of traffic over time and steadily.

3. Apply for Rich pins

Rich pins are of more importance than the standard pin in that they update information on the product, recipe, movie, app etc that they represent once you verify your website with pinterest.

There are 5 different types – movie, article, product, app, recipe, and place, before you apply for rich pins, do ensure that you enable open graph on your website through SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO before you apply for these pins.

4. Create Pinterest Boards

Create your board, start with a very good SEOed name well researched and searchable on pinterest, if you could get this right, the sky is your limit. This ensures your pins are returned from searches on Pinterest. So, use keywords people will commonly use to search on pinterest. This is one invaluable tool you should get right from the onset. After creating your board, try to post 2 pins (pins are images that are descriptive of what you intend to pass across to your desired audience.)

Let your first pin be more intuitive and descriptive, you can only change the cover of your board after having 2 pins on the board. You could as well take other people’s pin and crop + edit the graphics to suit your interest. And the first time you post a pin, Pinterest crops the top of it to include your board category, so you want to ensure their is enough room at the top of your pin images to cater for that.

N.B. Pins with 217px by 147px, aspect ratio of 2:3 or 4:5 (for instance, a width of 650px would have a corresponding height of 975px), tends to do well on Pinterest.

While posting pins on your board, you should post at least 4 pins and then look for similar board as yours and add their pins to your board, this is quite helpful to increase the engagement on your board, and before you pin other board’s to yours, try to follow the link and make sure the link is not a dead end or broken link as Pinterest may penalize your engagements for such.when you do not have enough pins of your own, try to add other people’s pins to give your visitors something for their eyes to behold, as you advance you begin to show your own pins, this will your board some credibility.

Consider the following as added facts you need to add to your arsenal:

  • As part of quality assurance, ensure that your images have a longer height as they do well generally in Pinterest feed and also are hard to pass by.
  • From several studies relating to Pinterest, images without human faces in them do well than those who have human faces, and those without human faces has 23% more Click Through Rate (CTR) than those who have..
  • As you know, Pinterest has a red theme across their profiles and color schemes, images that blend with this sort of ‘camouflage’ tends to have good CTR. Images with red, pink, or orange or all tends to have 2x more repins than those that doesn’t
  • Use quality images with good resolutions, as they tend to do better
  • Always try as much as possible to include your include brand logo in your pins, this tends to establish you as an authority in regard to your pins
  • Images that are lighter tends to do 20 times better than darker tone images
  • Use the right text in your pins, most of those who search on pinterest may not have the time looking through your pin description, so the first thing that comes handy is the words you print on your pins, so do it right from the onset

You could use free image editors such as Canva and PicMonkey, to edit and inscribe words on the images. They will be hard to pass by on the pinterest feed.

5. Pin at the right time

From various case studies, it has been established that the time you posted advertorials online constitutes one of the strong signals that will determine how far they can go per time in terms of engagement and the traffic that could be generated per time. With this in mind, it is pertinent to note that, the time zones and working conditions of your target visitors should be at the back of your mind, as certain audiences tends to interact with your pins at certain times of the day and day of the week. This is well established. For instance, if you are going to send email sequence, it is always good to target Thursdays and Saturdays as your audience will most likely read them on such days one, Saturday is in the weekend days, people are out there catching fun, Thursday is just a day to end of the work week, so this creates a relaxed atmosphere for people to use their free time for things like this. So what is the best time to Pin to ensure you are following right with getting 4x traffic from Pinterest?

Saturday morning. For fashion and retailers, the peak time for maximum activity – is on Friday after 3 pm, that sounds strange? No, you need to get into the minds of your audience and take a peep into how they might be spending their time, and the worst time to pin is during working hours – does that make any sense? Yes it does.

6. Join Group Boards

Yes, it is as easy as applying to boards, and once you are approved, you can share highly relevant pins on the group, this is always a game changer in this whole scheme of getting Pinterest traffic.

By joining a group board, you can easily attract followers, and once you do, they follow your pins and update, consider as a lot of traction to your blog. Start by searching for group boards that has large number of pins on the board. Soonest, some great group boards you can utilize for all your niches.

With all these said, some few details you need to pay careful attention to are here:

For every pin, you must ensure you include text on your images, and use the recommended pin sizes for maximum engagement, aside from this you need to improve your engagements using these techniques:

  • Your pins need actionable call-to-action phrases such as click here to find out more, check this out
  • Include SEO-friendly keywords into your pin descriptions that reveal your searchers intent into your pin images, and ensure your description is about 200 characters long or more, you could as well add hashtags to your keywords to make them more searchable on Pinterest
  • When starting out, ensure that your overall pin share strategy uses up 80% of other’s pins and 20% of your own, this is the pareto principle, your 20% would most likely generate the 80% of traffic you could ever get from Pinterest over time, this has been confirmed times without number over several decades and it is still existent till date

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