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Financial Literacy Quotes

Some of the best financial literacy quotes from rich dad and poor dad

financial literacy quotes
financial literacy quotes

Financial literacy is never taught in school,  it’s caught.

There is no doubt, businesses are starting up at a faster rate than in the 19th century, this is a major financial revolution, people are becoming wise in their dealings in the business world.

It is no news that university education does not prepare you to be financially intelligent, instead, it trains you to work under people who take a bold step to start something.

There is only a thin line between being rich and being poor, the difference lies in your ability to see the invisible. Being able to see the gold where others re seeing the stubbles,

Financial literacy is a game of numbers, being able to see opportunities where others are seeing the opposite.

financial literacy is about having numerous options.

Whenever opportunities come your way and you don’t have the money to invest, the banks don’t wanna talk to you because you apparently don’t have any collateral, how can you turn your omelets into millions of dollars, this is where you appreciate financial intelligence.

Financial literacy and intelligence are not so much about what is happening currently but the numbers of solutions you can come up with; it is a creative outlet you are employing to solve your own problems.

Being able to grow your assets and reduce your liabilities is another high point, not financial intelligence., it doesn’t come through school education but self-education.

Financial literacy is the ability to see the numbers play out in your eyes and being able to catch up; being able to invest in businesses that guarantee reduced taxation when every other

Professors and those who work hard are saving their hard-earned money in the bank and yet they still pay taxes that the rich don’t have to pay.

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