About Us

My2CentJournal is a content repository built based on the current trends in big data, finances and credit financing, business and startups, entrepreneurs and relationships matters.

My2CentJournal came to live in August 2018, to display real life issues journaled over the years for the upcoming generations.

We write based on recorded journals and lifetime experiences garnered over the years by top-notch businessmen, enthusiasts, and experimenters. You can as well join our hub of writers by sending a line to us at support@my2centjournal.com.

We have experts in all the above-based subjects, and we also offer guidance and real-life stories on our relationship portal to give you an inkling into the minds of our professionals and to help at any point in time.

Our contact details are on our contact page for your interest and notifications.

We appreciate everyone and we promise to give a wonderful and thrill-filled experience down the years.